Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A long hiatus - A story of 2012 - Final part

We end our 2012 with 2 big events.  Your birthday and followed by nenek's birthday.

This is our first birthday celebration for you (we didn't buy you any cake when we celebrate your first birthday in Trondheim the year before).  It was a moderate celebration with only ayah, nenek, aunty ZU & Mommy around. That is our way to brought you - as simple as possible.  We want to teach you that money can't buy you happiness.  Hope you will not blame me for this when you grown up.

Your 2nd birthday on Dec 21st, 2012

 Your birthday cake

 Ayah & you

 Cake blowing time

  Birthday boy

Birthday video

Such a great time.. Happy birthday sayang.  Lots more candles to come

In between those 2 event

Nenek's 75th birthday; Dec 31st 2012

 Mommy, you and nenek

The family

Such a great year..  I love 2012 & I guess you too.  You have done lots of achievement this year; Now you're able to fully converse, you understand and used some English words, you know A,B,C until Z and you can read vehicle plat number correctly and not to forget, you start to write on our wall.. Haha.  Everyday you gave us surprise and I am so proud of you.

Thank you Dik.. for everything that you gave us.  Mommy and ayah love you so much, more than we are able to express it.  Even the fightings are worth to remember. You're our truly sweet joy.

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