Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The New Episode - 2016 Part 4

Mommy managed to secure a very cheap flight ticket to Kota Kinabalu for the year end trip.  This is a first time to everyone.  It was a very short trip to fulfill our hunger to travel.  Everything was on the tight budget.

We arrived at KK International airport just before midnight on Nov 28th.  Went straight to hotel with our rented car to check in and sleep.

Day 1: Kota Kinabalu Wetland

Filipino's Traditional Market

Seafood Dinner at Kampung Nelayan Seafood Restaurant

Day2:  Kota Kinabalu Sea life Aquarium at Universiti Malaysia Sabah

Travel to Kundasang and Check-in to BH Residence which located at 
1700m above sea level.  We could even observe the Mt Kinabalu 
from our hotel ground.  Remind me of our Switzerland trip back in 2015.. 
different mountain with similar effect; serenity.

Day 3- Desa Fairy Farm visit

 Somewhere in Kundasang town.  Cheeky smile

Poring Hot Spring,  Ranau

Day 4: A visit Kinabalu Park before heading back to KK

Then upon reaching KK, we checked into a hotel (couldn't remember name of the hotel) for a short rest before head to airport at 3 a.m to fly back to KL.  We both fall in love with Sabah and we promise to come back one day. Whether or not to climb the mountain.. times will tell.

2016 epilogue

Even though our traveling episode were less colorful compare to previous years but we enjoy both of our trips so much.  I keep my finger cross than we can afford to have more vacation in future.  Amin.

In general, even though 2016 seems to be the toughest financial year for our family, but alhamdullillah with His help, we made it.  Not as easy as it sound but Allah guide us the way.  He didn't fail us.  He will never fail us.   

The New Episode - 2016 Part 3

Part 3 section 1:) - Tokyo Japan

As I wrote in Part 1, the flight ticket to Japan already bought in previous year or during my working year. Even with small budget, we decided to proceed with the plan in May 2016 and have some fun.  Anyway,  for me travel is like a survival kit. 

The trip was very good and we managed to explore many things in those 8 days . Most of the days spent in Tokyo but there are 2 days spend outside city.

 Meiji Shrine

 Yoyogi Park

A visit to Tokyo Government Tower to get the bird view of Tokyo

Asakusa Temple

Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Centre where we were 
given a free lunch after Friday prayer

Diver City, Odaiba Island, Tokyo
 Takeshita Street

Tokyo Tower for another Tokyo bird view

Tokyo Gyeon Garden

Before we left for Japan, I asked you to choose either you want to go to Tokyo Disneyland or to Mt Fuji.  To my surprise, you choose Mt Fuji.  Yes..that's Mommy's son.  Nature is in your blood kan Dik.  So, we took a 2 hours bus ride from Tokyo to Fuji Kawaguchiko where we could get the best view of Fuji

Mt Fuji from Fuji Kawaguchiko

 From the bus/train station we took a bus for the famous Mt Kachikachi, 
Fuji Kawaguchiko Ropeway Ride to get a better view of Mt Fuji.  
Unfortunately the weather is not on our side

We also took a Cruise across Fuji kawaguchiko Lake

Quick stop by at Healing Village as they are closing when we arrived :). 
A very nice cultural village where they have about 20 nos of traditional houses 

  We also spend another day outside the city to an island.  It took an hour journey from the city Centre to Enoshima Island. A small fisherman Island but the atmosphere is nice.  From the train station we cross sea on foot via pedestrian bridge.  We had  a simple picnic before start to explore Enoshima by foot.  It took half day to complete the whole island and it was a relaxing day for all of us.

Enoshima by foot

 Shibuya Cross

 Here and There

I think everyone enjoyed this trip and hopefully one day we will able to visit Japan again.  Maybe to another region.  An autumn trip maybe :).  I will work hard and save money for our future adventure. Till then :)