Friday, February 13, 2015

A long hiatus - A story of 2013 - Part 2

A collection of photo shots taken randomly in 2013

 April 2013, at Kemaman Zoo, on our way to visit Tok Ma in hospital

 Jun 2013, at Mamak's nearby our home

  Jun 2013, at home.. You looks more like Mongolians than Malay, especially on the last photo

July 2013, in Tapah.  On our way to Opah's kampung

July 2013, at home.. Remind me of Bruce Lee in his last movie

 August 2013, Hari Raya

 August 2013, with cousins on the Hari Raya

Aug 2013, in KT

October 2013, in Putrajaya for KFC's Hunger Relief annual run

 October 2013, at home

  October 2013, at Putrajaya Wetland Park

October 2013, at Dataran Putrajaya

Not to bad huh.. love your chubby baby face which already disappear now.  I wish you will remain this way, chubby and bubbly.  Love you every breath that I take Dik.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A long hiatus - Dameer Aydin and his furry siblings

You have lots of furry siblings throughout your life.  Before you were born, mommy used to have more than a dozen cats and due to ayah's health, mommy has to let them go to Aunty Zu.

Then when ayah's health got better, mommy managed to persuade ayah to keep our rescued kitten - Utih, Oneng, Loreng and Tampuk.  So there were 5 of them in the house before you were born.  At the same time, mommy feed lots of streets cats and dogs nearby our residential.  That's my passion Dik and I personally hope you will love animal too. 

Abang Utih

 Abang Oneng

Kakak @ Loreng



We start to introduce you to them slowly but as expected, all of them adore you.   They are your siblings and they accept you very well  and didn't try to harm you at all.

At one time, one of the street cat that I fed, Mimi decided to come inside.  Ayah dismayed in the beginning but eventually accept it.  Maybe because ayah saved her once and it softened his heart.  Mimi was a very sweet cat and I love her dearly.  You love her too.  She settle quite well indoor but she still ask to be outdoor from time to time which I don't really like.  With thought of she will slowly adjust herself, we let her out but one day she just disappeared.  I cried for days but eventually I started to accept that Mimi is gone.  I still miss her and I still hope that she will be back.


Then Muezza came in late 2012. In exact mommy found him in the middle of highway 2 days before your 2nd birthday.  He was like a birthday gift for you.  He was very small, at about 6-8 weeks old.  You love him at the first sight.  Both of you bonded instantly and from beginning it was really a beautiful relationship.  Just like any twin.  You fights and you play together, you share or hide your toys just like any other brothers will act most of the time.  I never saw any beautiful bond like you and Muezza had.

 Muezza on your 2nd birthday, 2 days after mommy rescued him

 Muezza at 1 year old

The loves is there.  I called it real brotherhood

Few months after, mommy helped a friend who lost home to foster her cat which you named him as Tampu.  Tampu is a siamese cat and he became Muezza's best friend.  The owner didn't come back to claim him and eventually, he was ours.  I love him from beginning and it's not his fault that his owner decided not to come back.


Your relationship which Muezza didn't last long.  Muezza fell from our yard one night on Feb 10th, 2014 and we didn't find him since.  It was a heartbreaking moment for 2 of us.  Mommy did everything that I can to find him including offer rewards but no avail.  My heart crushed and so do you.  You asked on Muezza whereabouts all the time  I still feel sad until today and I still cried for him now.  And today is exactly one year after he left us.  I pray that he's still alive and someone is keeping him well.  I pray that Muezza still remember us and will come back to us one day.  I pray he still remember how much we love him.

On May 28th, 2014, Tampu went to see his Creator after been diagnosed with Feline Leukemia two weeks before.  He left us 3 months after Muezza left.   Even though I was told to be prepared for his demise by my veterinarian but his passing is still a big loss to me.  I cried hard every time I lost one of them.  I can't help it.  Telling you about his passing is something that I can't really do but I did anyway as you deserve to know where your cat went.  I don't really know whether you really understand the concept of dying but I believe you staring to pick it up.  I know you miss him too as you asked about him from time to time.

No matter how much my heart break, I can't stop helping cats.  I still feed the street cats.  I believe that there is always some reason why Allah choose me to be the one.  After that Mommy took in 2 street cats to be indoor.  Annette, the street cats which mommy feed for almost 2 years before mommy found her injured and Kael, a sick kitten that was left alone to fend himself.  Both of them were nursed back to heatlh and doing well now.  Both of them are safe now.



Today, February 10, 2015 is exactly 1 year since Muezza went missing.  I still miss him.  You still miss him.  Almost every alternate day you will ask me about him.  We both suffer with the loss.  We both are hoping he will return to us one day.  I believe that one fine day will come home but today, exactly a year after, a miracle happen.  A stray cat which has been fed by me for couple of months gave birth to 3 kitten at our neighbor house.  The kitten were dumped in garbage house just like another garbage.  Allah lead me to the kitten and now they're safely in our home.  Muezza show us his love from afar  :)

That's our life Dik.  Our life linger among cats all the time.   Why I am telling you all this?  Because I don't want you to forget that you came from animal lover family.  Because I want you to keep this legacy going on.  To help animals in need.  Animal need us as much as we need them.