Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A long hiatus - Part 2: A story of 2012 (1st half)

Written date:  16.11.2014 - 19.11.2014

This entry is about what we been through in the first 6 months in 2012.

2012 started very well my dear son. It started with hundreds of fireworks in Trondheim, Norway.  Yes, hundreds of them.  You already in bed when that happened, so only ayah & mommy witnessed these.  I guess you were too tired from our outings and we don't want to wake you up.  But I could imagine how excited you will be if you see those fireworks.

January 1st, 2012 was celebrated well too.  We had a nice snow falls in the morning of January 1st and we went to the field right behind our apartment complex. Just 3 of us.  I do not know where were the rest of apartment residents.  Maybe they laughed at us seeing us having fun there.  We played for hours.  After more than a month in Norway, we are getting used with low temperature even though there were days we still struggled to stay outside. We pulled you using toboggan that a friend gave us.   It was really fun.   You love snow so much.  You crawled, you fell and you sat on top of snow cheerfully.

January was our final month in Trondheim, therefore we made use our time wisely.  We went out every weekend.  We bought a second hand ski sets and we made a full used of them.  Lots of fall rather than skiing but it also means lots of laugh.  By this time, you have a new toboggan.  My other friend borrowed us another one which is better that the one that we had.

 Having fun in Lian, Trondheim, Norway

 A visit to Trondheim Music Museum, Rockheim

Skistua, Trondheim.  The nearest location from city centre to do winter stuff. 
They even have ski classes for small children.

One of the weekend, we made a trip to Røros - an UNESCO heritage  small mining town) 
which is 3 hours train ride from Trondheim.  A worth trip. 

Back to Skistua again as we love this place so much

You even join my office's family day

A day before our departure.  A farewell snow.  

I must says I felt a bit sad to leave this place.  We really had a good time.  One of the best time ever.  Hoping that we will be back one day as Mommy has lots of friends here.

Returning home via Amsterdam on Feb 5th, 2012.

Following months were quiet.  Mommy and ayah try to save some energy for our coming trip in May. I almost forgot that I have booked a studio photography session before we went to Norway until it almost expired.  So we went for the photography session, almost unprepared.  We had a good time at the  photo shoot but almost lost the photos as they lost our photos when we went there to pick them up.  Luckily we bought some unedited photos when we was first time there.  At least we managed to keep the unedited photos. 

The unedited photos, so you can see my oily skin and pimples.. haha

May finally came. On early May, we went to Sarawak for 3 days but mommy try hard to forget this trip as our DSLR camera was stolen at the end of the trip.  The camera gone together with all trip photos and it cost Mommy a huge amount of money.

Then, our next trip was Melbourne.  It was autumn in Melbourne and a bit cold but it was nothing compare to winter in Norway.

 Melbourne is a beautiful city, day and night. 

 Calrton garden in Melbourne city

Maru Koala Park on our way to Philips Island

Nobbies Center, Philips Island but unfortunately it was raining heavily so no seal in sight.  
Nothing much can be done while waiting to watch penguin at night

 Geelong City Harbour

Bell Beach

 The Twelve Apostle, Port Campbell

 Port Campbell

The London Bridge is Falling down, Port Campbell.  
You love to sing this song when you were 2-3 years old

Lots of jalan-jalan around city center

We also went to Melbourne Museum which you enjoy the visit

But it was the Melbourne Zoo that you enjoy the most

A day after coming back from Melbourne, with some energy left, we checked-in into Palace of Golden Horses Hotel to celebrate Ayah & Mommy 4th wedding Anniversary.  It was a short stay but we don't need a long one as it's so near with our home.  It's just to get away from our routine on our special day.

Palace of Golden Horses

Mommy will stop here and continue the 2nd half of 2012 story in next entry.  What I want to say here, traveling with such a young child like you is such an interesting experience and I'm very fortunate to have such an easy going son.  You seldom had bad temperament no matter how tired you were and you always enjoy the flight ride.