Thursday, June 25, 2015

A long hiatus - A 2014 story (Part 1) - Pre-school story

Yes.. I have one more year to finish before I can update real time.  I am getting there..

2014 started beautifully,  we enrolled you to your first pre-school.  To be exact.. 2 days after we came back from Adelaide.  I felt overwhelming but sad at the same time.  Suddenly you were grown up.  Suddenly you were school goer.

We picked one private pre-school not too far from our home.  After so many school checks done for the past 6 months, we picked Beaconhouse School.  The best one in our eyes as it has it's own building- a big building and just like a real school and good in safety.  Further, it's a subsidiary to a famous international school here in Kuala Lumpur.  Other than that, the syllabus is not heavy.. just good enough for you to play and mingle around and not focusing too much at being a smart boy at the age of 3 years old.  Being the only son, social skill is something critical and I don't want you to be brought up by the idea that being the only son is means that you can take everything for granted. 

You were excited with the idea of going to school.. you woke up early, excited to put on the school uniform, giggled and laughed all the way to your new school. Mommy take few days leave to to make sure everything is ok.  Your very first teacher was Teacher Rozie who happen to be mommy's good friend later.

Everything was fine until you were at your classroom and ayah & I wanted to leave you with your teacher and your new friends.  Then the drama started.  We end up had a lesson with the rest of kindergarten kids in the class in the first day.  Haha..

On your way to school on that very first day

At the beginning on your first lesson.. you seems to be ok.  
We stay at the back but you will constantly checking on us

With your new friend, Brosnan Hue
And then.. the crying started.  you insisted to sit on our lap to make sure that 
we will not leave you behind, Haha

The teacher then decided of having a playtime session to calm down students like you.  
At this stage, we have to follow you everywhere
Almost at the end of the day.. mata bengkak.  Hehe

Second day is even worse.  The headmistress advise ayah & mommy just to send you to class and hide.  We did and you cried non stop.  At one stage, the headmistress brought you to see us and to assure you that even though you can't see us but we were there. It calmed you down.  We peeked from afar and could see that you seems to improve afterwards.  Still at the end of the day, once you saw us, you cried.  I guess the separation anxiety was tremendous as this is the very first time ever neither mommy nor ayah were with you.  

It took 3 or 4 days for you to get used to the idea that school is a fun place.  Then, you were ok when you see that we left as we already assured you that we will stay somewhere nearby to you .  It was like a burden lifted when we finally saw you smile when the school end that day


 I was so happy when I saw this smile.

Since then, everything was ok and you started to enjoy your new environment and new friends.  Everyday Ayah will sent and picked you up from the school.  But, one thing that I realized is you were the kind who doesn't like to discuss anything happen at school.  The everyday conversation still remained the same until year end.  When asking what did you learn at school, you answers are constant.. you drew hands.  The answers remains the same until year end.  When I asked on the food that you ate at school, you also had a constant answers; fried mee.  Haha..

Overall, we are quite happy to send you to BSS, your English started to improve and you seems to enjoy school.  The syllabus is lighter than the other school and students are allowed to go to school playground whenever they get bored in the classroom.  I don't mind at all that you play more than you learn (at this stage)

The school has lots of activities, either in or out from the school. One of the biggest activities was BSS Regional sports Day where all BSS outlets participate in April 2014 .  You were involved in 2 of the activities.  Ayah and I joined the event at SS21 Indoor sport Centre in Shah Alam.  We were so proud when we see you represent your school and your team managed to get 2nd place in the activity that you participate.  No photos taken when you were participating in the activity as we were busy cheering.   The feeling you were representing country. A bit too much but couldn't help it. Hehe..

Does we look like a proud parents? 

In August you have a Merdeka Day celebration at school with a theme "Di sini dimana lahirnya cinta - This is where the love was born.  Being a patriotic person and a proud Anak Malaysia, I felt so proud of you

Then the biggest event was concert or graduation day for 6 year old students.  The event was held at MAS Training center in late October.  You and your classmate participate in catwalk.  I was the one who got panicked seeing you walked on the stage.  But it turn out that you catwalked beautifully and you follow the instruction very nicely.  Part of me wanted to explode.  In all my life, I had a nervous issue whenever I'm in the center of everyone's eyes and I always hope you won't be same like me.  Seeing my son walk confidently and beautifully alone in the stage make me so relieved

During the show

You and your friend, Shu Yii

 You and your close friends, Brosnan Hue and Amanda

 Brosnan Hue, Theshalla & you

It was a very nice day to remember.  I saw a new you on that day.  A grown up and responsible young man.  I love you so much Dik.. with all my heart. Your late elder brother (we will talk about this one day) must be proud of you.

I guess your 2014 school story telling is almost comes to the end.  When I first start to send you to school, my only aim is only on social skills.  But you turn up to improve a lot, academically and socially.  Congratulations sayang

 Class photo

Class photo on the Concert Day

Monday, June 8, 2015

A long hiatus - A story of 2013 - Part 4

I'm left behind.  I will try to update fast as my aim is to update in real time soon in future.  There are lots of day to day basis story that I hope to share in future.

Back to 2013.  2013 was end with a trip to Adelaide, Australia where we spent 2 weeks exploring Adelaide.  Your 3rd birthday was celebrated there.  Adelaide wasn't our first choice.  Our initial plan was to travel to New Zealand but we changed our mind due to some financial issue.  It turn out the be a very cool city and we love it so much.

We took too many photos while we were there, mommy will just post selected photos here and the rest will be in our annual photo albums

Exploring new city on our first day

 The famous criket stadium, The Oval stadium

Adelaide at night.  Not too far from where we stayed

 Day2: inside the city shuttle bus

 SA museum. All of us had a very good time there. 
One if the best free museum that mommy ever been

 South Glenelg beach

This is how your 3rd birthday was celebrated.  I hope you are ok with our 
ways of celebrating your birthday.  We don't do birthday party like other 
parents because we want to teach you that celebrating life is more 
than spending money.  Celebrating life is to enjoy it in simpler way.

Ayah drove in and out from city center in those 2 weeks.  We had some much fun in both well known and also less known part of Adelaide.  


at Morphett Vale

Port Noarlunga

 Port Noarlunga, the best playground that we been that year 
You love the fire truck so much and we have to spend more than 2 hours there

Cleland wildllife park

Mt Lofty Summit

Adelaide Hill

Barossa Valley

Veale Garden

Rundle mall

The 14 days was so short.. we had fun in Adelaide.  I fall in love this retirement city.  Hopefully one day, we will go back for another adventure.. hiking in one of the mountain range maybe