Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A long hiatus - A story of 2012 (2nd half) - Part 5

Final part of our Western Europe trip.  We took intercity train (which we regret later) to Amsterdam from Brussels.  We were welcomed by heavy rained in Amsterdam.  You were soaked while we trying to find our hotel which happened to be very closed to main train station.  It was night & no photo taken on our arrival day.

Amsterdam canal and our hotel is facing to the canal

Buildings in Amsterdam 

Some one was not in good mood until we took bus to Zaanse Schans.  
It always work as you love public transport
Zaanse Schans

Woodenshoe workshop in Zaanse Schans

Amsterdam at night.

Back to hotel, both ayah & I were tired but you still energetic.  Our last night in Amsterdam

A goodbye.  Taken before we left to Schipol Airport

Someone was trying flight simulator.  Future pilot??

Airport lounge

Walking towards gate.

We arrived safely the day after (noon local time).  That was indication that it was the end of Europe trip.  I think everybody enjoy the trip very much

Monday, December 29, 2014

A long hiatus - A story of 2012 (2nd half) - Part 4

From London we took speed train to Brussels.  We been tested with lots of rain in Brussels but we still found that this city is beautiful.  We didn't regret our visits.


We took Euro star speed train to Brussels.  After so many confusion in the Brussels Central Station, finally we reached our apartment.  The journey was awesome and you refuse to sleep inside train.  Yes, until today you love any kind of public transport.


 Checking the rental apartment


Was raining the whole day on our second day in Brussels and we only manage to go out late evening.  Still we enjoy the outing. We went to Grand Palace, St Michels Cathedral and Atomic.

 Having waffle in Grand Palace area.  Waffle was something we addicted in this trip.

Who can resist this

Belgian Chocolates abundant too but we can't afford to eat it as it was quite expensive.  
Further, I seldom allow you to eat anything sweet.  Haha.. alasan




We went to Bruges today.  It's a medieval or rather known as Venice of the North town.

 Train ride from Brussels to Bruges which was 1 hour ride

The famous Bruges

Mommy and ayah love Bruges so much.  A very nice small town.  Hopefully one day, we will able to come back.


Last day to explore Brussels.  Brussels seems to understand that we do not have enough time and she treated us well.  A very sunny day (but still cold)

 Somewhere in city

 Parliamentary building

Park De Bruxelles.
Royal Palace

Park De Bruxelles.

Cinquantenaire Park

2nd visit Grand Place

A short but a worth trip