Sunday, December 28, 2014

A long hiatus - A story of 2012 (2nd half) - Part 3

From Paris we took speed train to London.  London treating us well too.  Some days are sunny but others are either cloudy or rain.   But we had fun in between those.  Autumn was awesome & we had fun with those colorful leaves.  Part 3 is focusing on London trip.


Since we arrived late in London the day before, so we only started to explore London on our second day.  We took underground to city center from where we stay, Barking.  We wandered in the city center and manage to go to few attractions by chance


Third day in London is more organized than the previous day.  We went to Green Park, Buckingham Palace, St.James Park, Admiralty Arch, Trafalgar Square, Paddington, Leceister Square and Convent Garden.

Buckingham Palace & someone not in a good mood :)

St, James Park

Admiralty Arch

  Had lunch in Paddington

 Trafalgar Square

Leicester Square

 Convent Garden


Ayah brought us to British museum and later to Greenwich but unfortunately Greenwich centre already closed.  We took a train back to Barking from there.

British Museum

Canary Wharf

Greenwich town

I always love to watch you sleep.  It's so peaceful.  This is one of my favorite


We rode an emirates cable car and later went to Music museum today.

 London from above

 Someone is so happy that he able to free himself from stroller

 Bored?? Hehe

 Music museum

 Drop by Big Ben before headed home

 No London without this phone booth


We took a train to weekend market and tried some fusion halal food today.

 Shoreditch high street market

 From Shoreditch, we took a train to Hyde Park to witness peoples democratically share their opinion on anything they feel like too in Speaker Corner.

Hyde Park

We then walked further to Harolds, not for shopping but just to witness the famous store.  Mommy can't afford to do shopping abroad :)


on our way back to our accommodation; James Street


I had chance to meet my old friend who is currently resides in UK.  He came all the way from Birmingham to meet us. Uncle Steven also offered to bring us jalan-jalan.  We went to couple of places including 2 football stadium and a lovely park.  We had a good time today :)

 Finally we have a photographer, means today we could have family photo.  Make use of it

 With Uncle Steven at Stamford Bridge Stadium (Chelsea football club)

 Bishop Park

 Craven Cottage Stadium (Fulham FC)


 Euston Station to send Uncle Steven back to Birmingham by train


We decide to entertain you today, so went to London Sea life Aquarium.

 Standing in front of London eye & Sea life Aquarium
 Opposite is Big Ben

Inside Sea life Aquarium

 Museum of London

 St. Paul Church

 Oxford Street on our way back to Barking


Our final day in London.  We went to few places today and try to make use our final moments in London.

 Greenwich Meridian Time centre in Greenwich

 London Science museum

Final moment in London

From London we took speed train to Brussels, Belgium

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