Sunday, December 28, 2014

A long hiatus - A story of 2012 (2nd half) - Part 2

We went to Europe in November 2012 for holiday.  This time, we been to 4 big cities in 4 country.  I guess everybody had fun.  It was a long vacation as we spend 23 days abroad.  It was an awesome trip and you rarely made any problems.  You seems to understand that traveling means some uncomfortably.  We have to strap you in stroller almost everyday, at least 6 hours a day.  There were time you complained about it but most of the time you either smile or quiet.  I think you were more patience when we were traveling.  I was hoping it will last forever, but it last after your second birthday.  Haha. We will come to that in future.

We took to many photos in Europe but mommy will try to choose the best one.  You have to dig digital copy or also our yearly family photo album for more.  This Part 2 is focusing on photos that we took in Paris.

Other than cold autumn, Paris treat us well.  We had fun experiencing Western Europe.


 St. Michels, Marcadet Rue & metro station

 Notre Dame & Notre Dame Park

You was trying to pujuk ayah after he scold you of being naughty.  
It was so funny and mommy and ayah tried hard not to laugh

 Love Bridge

Here and there


 Seine River

 The Louvre museum

Nearby The Louvre

Jardin de Tuileries

Here and there


Sacre Coeur de Montmartre

 Arc De Triomphe

Eiffel Tower


Palace of Versailles; The palace

 Palace of Versailles; Marie Antoine Estate


 Crying heh.. someone is bored

 Dapat upah

Jardin de Luxemborg

St Michels


 Here and there

We didn't have enough Eiffel Tower so we went back on our last day in Paris.  
A very beautiful way to close Paris trip

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