Saturday, February 13, 2016

The 2015 broken Promise - Part 2

Part 2..

I will share on the pre-school things in this part.   You still studying at Beaconhouse Pre-School in Bandar Puterithis year.  Unlike last year, this year you was so confident on the your first day at school.  You asked us to leave just after few minutes and the rest of the day was ok.  So, I cut short my annual leave.

White Roses 4 Class with teacher Angela.  Some of your previous years classmate is 
joining the same class including 3 of your good friend Brosnan, Stuart & Nitish

Big enough to go for school break in the school canteen.  Last years, 
the 4 years old student only had the break in owns classroom.   

Your school routine went well until end of the year and again, your teacher adores you.  Whenever I had chance to meet Teacher Angela, she always on her positive side about you.  The report that we always received was you are quite a smart student and always make effort to teach your friends but lazy when it comes to your own.  I also notice that whenever you have to complete your school work at home.  It always takes lots of effort to make you to complete your school works. 

Your progress this year: 
1. You start to read by the middle of the year and making a very good progress by year end. 
2. You were also start to learn not so easy mathematics equation.  If last year, math was only to know numbers but this year, your mathematics involving adding and subtraction.  Quite impressive as I only remember that I did that in my elementary year.

The Beaconhouse's Chinese New Year Celebration

You missed the sport day this year as it was happen during our Europe trip.  The only big event that we experience is the school concert day.

Finally, the most waited event came.. the school concert day.  I was excited to know your performance but you were very good at keeping it a secret until the day came.  You dance this year.. a mickey mouse dance.  It was very cute and very entertaining and I so proud of you sayang.

The performance

The team

After the concert

You and Nitish

Nitish - you and Princess Joanna

 Sii Yii and You

 You, Brosnan and Princess Joanna

Brosnan, Princess Joanna and You

 You and Sii Yii

 Brosnan, Sii Yii, You, Marcus and Princess Joanna

 Best friends stay

 You and Marcus

Your seniors and you

School holidays was quiet bored this time.  We didn't travel anywhere as Mommy and Ayah are quite busy with the renovation works for our Cat's Hotel.  You feel so bored and hence so many misbehavior.  I can say it is quiet a challenging moments for us but deep inside we knew that you getting bored with school holidays.  I wish I could bring you somewhere, Dik.  I hope it will better in future.

We decided to transfer you to another school next year as we want you to learn basic islamic practice.  You were slightly reluctant with the idea in the beginning but eventually, you accept it.  I promise you that you will see your friends from time to time.  The other mothers and I tried to arrange the meeting with your friends from time to time.  The first meeting was visit to Farm in The City in Serdang where you had a really good time.  

 The moms and kids

Parrot's watching

Sii Yii's parents

 Your girlfriend.. such a sweet girl, Caprice

 Loving couple :)

 Rabbit feeding

 Fish catching



Final photo before adjourned.  Best friends forever.  Till next time

2015 is a good year to remember and even though mommy has been tested with job lost but I believe Allah will grant us a better life and a better moment.  Even though I'm worried about our future but I believe Allah will help us to go through this.  May 2016 bring us a better future with our new venture and may 2016 bring us closer.

Friday, February 12, 2016

The broken 2015 promise - Part 1

This post was is written 2 weeks after we celebrate 2016.  That's mean I broke my promise to write you live updates on 2015 (in 2015 itself).  Haha.. that means I have to work hard this 2016 to finish all 2015  stories and start to update 2016 in 2016  itself.

2015 is quiet a fun but also most challenging year especially for me.  Things changes drastically towards end of the year as I lost my 10 years jobs and that's mean that our family lost our only income.  You were the only one who is happy as finally Mommy can be with you at least 20 hours a day.  Haha.  Maybe I will write more about this in future but for now, I will write on the general family things

We start the 2015 moderately.  Nothing much happen in the first 3 months.   I will write about general and family stories in this update and will write more on your school in next update.

You were admitted to nearby hospital in February this year due to lung infection.  Columbia Hospital was our home for 5 days.  I took a long leave to company you.  Even though it's not a life and death experience but it is a stressful experience for each of us.  Seeing you with the IV line so heart breaking.  You cried everything nurse put the medicines thru i.v line.  It's painful even for an adult.  Since nenek is staying with us, ayah and mommy took turn to company you at night.  Until now, you had phobia whenever I mentioned about hospital.  Who don't right?

A worried face

Nothing much happen in March  except a short trip to Legoland.  You still scared to try their theme park though. But we were happy when you request to ride the toy car this time.  A big achievement.

 My future driver

Then April came.  April (and November) was most favorable month for us for 2015.  You, Aunty and Mommy travel to Europe together.  Ayah didn't join us as this is supposed to be girls trip. Our first time traveling experience without ayah. There will be a special update on that :)

 Sibling moment - May 2015

 Indoor playground visit ; May 2015

We spend hari raya in KT this year in July.  Was a different experience as we stay in hotel during raya.  Nenek's place has been demolished to give way for new highway and uncle mat's and family are renting a small house while waiting their own house constructed.  So, we decided not to disturb Uncle Mat's family during raya and we book hotel during festival time. Even though we stay at hotel but we still spent lots of time with mommy's side.  We went to Uncle Mat's few times a day including to play bunga api.  The only thing that we missed was no big family photo this year. Our small family photo also taken in hotel.. not so nice experience but no complain about it.

Not easy to take photo of you nowadays.. lots of drama

While the parents were busy we-fie, the son strayed.. kind of sad huh

Maybe this is almost a perfect family photo.. after so many attempts

 This so normal :) - the purposely eyes closing action

 when you were cooperative


Out of sudden, you request to have a bicycle in August, so we eagerly bought you one.  All this while, you always turn down our offer to buy you bicycle.

Your very first ride - 22.08.2015.  Not very well equipped and we regret it almost instantly

You grown up too fast.  Sob sob

Happy face..

before the fall

The first fall.. that's why I mention that we regret that you were not fully equipped

Slowly we equipped you and we change the venue to a safer place.  Usually, we went to Putrajaya as it has an even surface and kids love the Putrajaya Square so much.  You got better each time we went for bicycle ride.  We hope to convert to  wheel to 2 wheel soon but due to bad weather (Haze), the progress were so slow.

In September, We celebrate Hari Raya Haji.  The Raya was celebrate at Opah's this time.

Family - aunties, uncle and cousins

Finally, you turned 5 on Dec 21st.  Your birthday was celebrated differently this time where we celebrate it with the other Aydins.  I ordered a very special cake and everybody love it.  You almost refused to blow the birthday cake and it takes lots of effort and lots of impatience usher from the other Aydins to get the cake blewed. 

Birthday cake which comes together with toys.  Very creative cake.
You refused to share any of it (the toys) with other Aydins.

The faces of 5 years old boy.  Happy Birthday Dik and may we granted a lot 
more years to celebrate.  Love you till Jannah.  Amin

As usual, the birthday story will close our year.. nice timing.