Sunday, January 8, 2017

The 2015 broken Promise - Part 4

Part 4..

Seoul was a planned but almost cancel trip. We went to Seoul in November 2015, 2 months after my service was terminated by my former company.  To be frank, the call wasn't there when November came but thinking of Ayah yet to travel anywhere in 2015 and the ticket already bought a year before the trip so we only have 2 option, go and enjoy the trip or stay in KL and stay miserable :).  So finally we packed our bags.

I told myself to let go the problem and just to enjoy the trip and we manage to do it perfectly.. Hantu travel kan.. :)

 This trip was consider a very casual trip where we don't have tight itinerary during the stay.  We stay in Hotel in the city centre and some days we travel out from the city but most of the days were spent in the city centre. Not a bad planning at all but I miss the calmness of rural area.  Budak Kampung like me is always Budak Kampung dik.  My heart is never been in the big City.

So.. to cut the story short, here are our travel photos

A visit to Namsan Park on the first day

The Garden of Morning Calm, Gapyeong District

Animation Heaven.  You love this kan as you knew these characters by heart

Nami Island

Myengdong Cat Cafe

 South Korea War Memorial where you two enjoy the visit so much.

 Hanok Village

Ihwa Maeul Mural Village

Here and there

The 6 days trip was spent nicely.. I managed to de-stressed my self and most importantly after the Cat Cafe Visit, I finally knew what I want to do next.  A cat business related.  So it's how our next venture started.

South Korea is nice and clean country.  I love the autumn experience and the visit manage to mend my broken heart. As for you, as long as you can travel and get your daily ice-cream supply, it would be enough.  I know you enjoy it so much as months after the trip you still mentioning the city name.  Even though my heart is not totally there but who knows one day we will come back to this country.. maybe a bicycle trip towards rural area.

So overall 2015 was not bad after all..  We are blessed to have each other and I knew we will survive the ordeal as Allah test us based on our strength.