Friday, March 13, 2015

A long hiatus - A story of 2013 - Part 3

We visited Bali in mid 2013, just for few days break.  Bali was Ayah's and mommy's late honeymoon spot 5 years earlier and we love Bali so much.  Mommy promised myself that we will come back every few years as Bali is where my heart is.  Who knows, second visit is with our special man; you.

The visit was supposed to be our 3rd visit as we supposed to come here in 2011 but my manager decided not to approved my leave application.

 The ride

The hotel

The hotel was located in a very nice spot where there was Legian town and baech right in front of our door.  I love the stay so much, just the food wasn't that tasty.

The hotel

The Bali

Something in between Vacation and Bali

This 'in between' is so special and only Bali can offer you that special feeling.

At hotel

Ubud, at a painting store

 Gunung Agung

Tanah Lot

Den Pasar

Ngurah Rai Airport.  On our departure day.  We love our so trip so much, right Dik?
And we end our trip with style.  A smiling style :)

All I can say is Bali is a very special place for me.  I love the beach, the culture, the temple visit and mostly the motorcycle ride around the town where you sit and giggled in between mommy and ayah. I think you enjoy this trip so much, just like the other trip.  I will ask ayah to come back in few years.