Thursday, March 3, 2011

Month 2

Milestone achieved
1. Gain extra kilos (from 3.3 to 5.0 kg)
2. Height: 58 cm
3. Giggles
4. Talks in his own language
5. Touch his toys

Things done
1. Travel for the first time; first to Opah's place and then to Nenek's place. Met all the grandmothers and grandfathers on both sides
2. experience a stroller ride for the first time and he love it
3.  been to the beach

Majlis Akikah & Cukur Jambul

Venue: Rumah Opah
Date: 30.01.2011

His 1st month birthday

Celebrating at clinic for his first month health check-up. Birthday present received was a jab for hepatitis B vaccination.  Gave a surprise to one of the nurses by peeing on the nurse hand :-)

Milestone achieved
Weight: 3.3kg
Height: 54 cm

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Month 1

Milestone achieved:
1. smiling towards us even though we know he still sees blurry image
2. laugh but without voice
3. Recognized familiar voices 

Things to remember
1.  Peed on nurse hand when we went for 1first month checking
2.  Cried when ever we bathed him

His earliest hours

He was wrapped in a blue blanket.  He looks very tiny but he has a chubby face. He was weighted 3.07kg and his height was 49cm.  I feel scared when I hold him for the first time, thinking of I might break his bones.  Barely open his eyes but i notice he has a 'sepet' eyes.  His skin was so smooth and smells very nice. 

Most visitors said that he looks like his dad (a bit disappointed actually as mummy hopes to has her part too :-). Aunty Zu said that he look like maori: sepet eyes with dark skin color.

We noticed that he cries out loud until instead staying at nursery, nurses had sent him to my room as he might disturb the others.. hehe