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A long hiatus - Part 1: A story of 2011

Written date:  14.11.2014

A long hiatus; almost 3 years or 1033 days in exact.. I decided to come back.  This time with different purpose.  This blog going to be an open story telling from a mother to her beloved son.  Dulu I wrote this blog in a very casual ways but something struck my mind couple of days ago.  What if I'm gone while he's still learning to know me.  What if I'm gone while he's still young too understand the mother's love.  What if I'm gone while no one will able to tell him stories about his childhood. 

To Dameer Aydin.. this blog is dedicated for you, from an imperfect mother who is trying hard to look perfect in his son eyes. A clumsy mother who learn hard not to be one but sometimes she failed him.  A bad cook who always surprised with your compliments.  A mother who is trying hard to balance in between mencari rezeki to support the family and to spend more times with you.  Please forgive me for my imperfection Adik.  Please love me for whom I am and whom I will be. 

I feel regret as I have wasted the 3 previous years of not recording of your achievements.  There were lots of achievement that you did in every single day, like the day when we witnessed your first step without help, the first day when you called my name, the days when you started to use awesome vocabularies, the first day you managed to read A,B,C to Z or the day when you managed to keep your promise to behave (most of the days you broke it.. haha)..  too many to mention here but please remember that I'm very proud of you.  Please remember you're my love and you will always stay in the center of my heart.

I used to wrote a mini diary about you using hand phone's application but the application gone together with phone.  So I think the best way is to write it here.  If somebody out there decided to read this blog.. please feel free to do so.  I need support even from strangers.  It's my pleasure if you can  leave your footprint here.

Let's restart sayang.. I will try to recall what I missed in this 3 years


As written in the previous entries, we were in Trondheim, Norway at the end of 2011. Ayah and you followed mommy worked there for 3 months.  We spend a lot of quality times together.  Something that I could barely do when we were in KL.  The reason is because mommy can reach home at 5.10 p.m the latest.  The reason is mommy's workplace is only 5 minutes walking distance from our temporary home.  It was a very cold winter but we been through it perfectly fine.  We enjoyed laying on top of snows.  We enjoy the moments where only 3 of us that has each other.  Its were the beautiful memories for me.  Seeing your smiles in the weather that no adult can accept is the most rewarding things.  I love every second of our time there.  You was 11 months when we left KL.  You had your first step in Norway, exactly a week before we departing back to Malaysia.  I know that without those thick and slippery socks, you could had your first step much more earlier but who cares.  As long as you able to walk.. it's more than enough.

 Recap from November 2011

The day when we witnessed our first snow falls in late November.  
Ayah & Mommy were so excited.  That was our first experience too. 
I hope we didn't embarrassed you that day  :)

 Recaps from December 2011 in Trondheim

It was the beginning of our conquering the globe story.   Okeh.. maybe I'm going too far.. but we love to travel right?  After that, we start to travel a lot.  Mommy suka, so do ayah and you.  We collect experiences and learned a lot every time we traveled abroad.

We went to Oslo, capital city of Norway just before Christmas.   I remember it was colder compare to Trondheim but you were fine. You're a super cool dude sayang.

In the hostel that we stayed for 2 nights.  We had a good experience 
there.  Mingle with the rest of tenants who are mostly in their 20's. 

Oslo city centre

our boat ride

Vigeland Sculpture Park

Back from Oslo, we celebrate your big day.  You turned 1 that day.  Mommy and ayah was so proud of you.  Mommy managed to ask for half day leave and we brought you to Trondheim city centre as we plan to give you a christmas special horse-drawn carriage ride which we saw weeks before but unfortunately the service was no longer there.  So we decide to give you another ride - a carousel :).  Cheapskate kan sayang.  There's not many choices but I think you enjoyed the ride

Faces of my 1 year old boy :)

Carousel ride

 Birthday present opening ceremony

Less than a week later, we travel to a small ski resort town called Are in Sweden.  It was a long Christmas holiday for Scandinavian countries so we took the opportunity to cross the border.  It was supposed to an easy train ride, which should take about 2 1/2 hours but what we didn't know was there was a bad snow storm the night before and rail track was closed in certain area.  So, the train company transfer us to a chartered bus half of the journey.  It took almost 5 hours to reach Are.  Further, there is no certainty that the train service will be fixed for our return trip.  Our return train supposed to leave Are at 5 p.m and we only have 3-4 hours to explore the area.  So, we did use the time wisely before return to train station to hear the verdict.  Actually, Mommy panicked because we didn't bring any extra attire and milk formula for you if we have to stay overnight there. Further, it was super cold that day and even staying in the building wouldn't help much. 

Train followed by unplanned bus ride

The ski village

you were inside that bulky stroller

 Makan time. 

Ayah & you in front of Sweden's train, enjoying the snow falls.

Finally, we received a news that rail track is still closed and we will be fetched by bus to return to Trondheim.  A very rough journey where we need to change bus twice.  Finally we reached Trondheim late at night. Tired and hungry but it was an awesome day. As long as mommy has you and ayah beside, it will be awesome.

On the last day of 2011, we went to Fort Kristiensten in Trondheim,  It was the coldest day as mommy can remember.  It was minus (-) 16 degree.  Mommy fingers were numb and we couldn't stay outdoor very long.  So we run to nearby 7 Eleven and the staff allow us to stay indoor so we stayed in for about an hour.

 Fort Kristiensten and surrounding

After an hour break inside 7-11 , we took a bus and later a tram to a place called Lian. Lian is a place where it's frozen lake used for local winter activities including simple ski and downhill sledging.We plan to go back to Liam soon.

Inside 7-11

 Waiting for bus to bring us to city centre

 Tram ride to Lian

 Lian tram stop.  Very cute right. 

On our way home we went to a shopping complex and had few final photos for 2011.

  Final 2011 photos.  You were 1 year, 0 month and 11 days.

Mommy will stop here.  2012 stories will be wrote in a different entry.  

2011 was an awesome year for mommy.  Mommy has you beside us.  As mommy said in the first entry of this blog.. you are our sweet joy.  Having you is the greatest thing ever happen to me.  Alhamdullillah & Thank you son for all the love given.

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