Friday, February 13, 2015

A long hiatus - A story of 2013 - Part 2

A collection of photo shots taken randomly in 2013

 April 2013, at Kemaman Zoo, on our way to visit Tok Ma in hospital

 Jun 2013, at Mamak's nearby our home

  Jun 2013, at home.. You looks more like Mongolians than Malay, especially on the last photo

July 2013, in Tapah.  On our way to Opah's kampung

July 2013, at home.. Remind me of Bruce Lee in his last movie

 August 2013, Hari Raya

 August 2013, with cousins on the Hari Raya

Aug 2013, in KT

October 2013, in Putrajaya for KFC's Hunger Relief annual run

 October 2013, at home

  October 2013, at Putrajaya Wetland Park

October 2013, at Dataran Putrajaya

Not to bad huh.. love your chubby baby face which already disappear now.  I wish you will remain this way, chubby and bubbly.  Love you every breath that I take Dik.


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