Monday, February 9, 2015

A long hiatus - A story of 2013 - Part 1

2013 is rather an interesting and at the same time, quite sad year for us.  We have been through lots of interesting phenomenon but we lost few close family members this year.

Overall, we travel less in 2013 but we enjoy lots of quality time at home too.  Ayah & mommy have done our final renovation to our small apartment and the place is finally qualified to be called our nest.  We start to spend more time at home during weekend compare to years before.  I guess we are also trying to adapt some new culture by spending less time outside but more at home.

In between, Ayah start to bring you to park often this year as we feel that you're slightly overweight.  I blamed your baby formula.  A bit weird as you actually very active and you don't really into food except spaghetti and some other western foods (including cheese but I really control the intake of cheese) and you also consume very little amount of baby formula.

Looks like athletic.  I actually has some vision to make you a national 
squash player one day.  Haha

Mommy and ayah witnessed lots of your positive progress in 2013.  Ayah starts to teach you Alif Ba Taa and some simple doa.  You're quite lazy to recite doa unless we remind you.  You also started to master simple English.   You learned from us and also from television.  You're a fast learner Dik and you still surprise me everyday.  Personally, I think you're a bright boy but I guess all mother feel the same thing, right.  Hehe

On travel side, our first half of 2013 are rather quiet except some short trips to Cameron Highland and Bali.  We brought your paternal grandmother, Opah and your aunties to Cameron Highland.  It was a short but a good trip.

 Palas Tea Plantation, Cameron Highland

 Maksu, Opah, Makchor, you and Ayah

We traveled back and fourth to mommy kampung's in April and May as your maternal grandaunty, Tok Ma was sick.  We lost Tok Ma on May 13, 2013. It was a very sad day for mommy as she was like a mother to me all these years.  You too were quite close to Tok Ma.

Nenek and Tok Ma few months before Tok Ma's passing

Then 2 months later, during Ramadhan, we lost your paternal granduncle, Tok wak.  Maybe you can't remember but Tok Wak adore you so much every time we pay him a visit.  He was one of the closest ayah's relative to Mommy too.

Tok wak & you during Hari Raya in 2011 

That's not the end of all the sad things happened to us.  End of Ramadhan, Nenek was sick and fell into unconscious before we even reach kampung.  It was a roller coaster time for all of us.  Doctor gave us 50% chances.  Mommy went back almost weekend, most of the time mommy has to leave you with ayah in KL.

Finaly after one month, she woke up.  Mommy, your uncles, aunties decided to bring her to KL once she woke up.  So she end up staying with us for a while.  A testing moment for everyone as this is the first time I took care of bedridden person.  Time flies.. Nenek finally able to walk again and she takes turn to stay with others too.  Since then, she's improving a lot and only hospitalized once after that. She stay the us most of the time and I'm very proud because you take a responsibility to check on her every now and then.  You're such an awesome kid, Dik.  Your arwah atuk (maternal late grandfather) must be proud of you.  As I said before, you resemble him a lot. 

I will  share Bali & later trip photos in future post as this is already a long and a sad post.  I will also share beforehand, random photo shots that we had throughout 2013.


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