Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The New Episode - 2016 Part 2

Part 2- Pre School

Starting from early of 2016, we started to send you to another kindergarden.  No issues with previous Beaconhouse and indeed it's still my favorite choice until today.  The  only reason why we transfer you to BB is due to Islamic Study that will be taught in new school.   We choose BB as there is lots of recommendation and it is the best choice comparing to few other Islamic concept kindergarten.

Ayah choose BBPU branch to sent you as it was the nearest to UCC.  In the beginning you seems to be ok with the arrangement but after the third schooling day, the reality struck.  You cried every morning. A bad sign to me as you always loves school. Then things were getting worse and finally we managed to figure out the reason. It was one of the teacher.  It was normal to have those challenges in any school but we started to feel worried as thing didn't improved after some time.

After so many discussion with Ayah and also your class teacher, we offered you to be transferred to another branch.  Initially you quested to go back to Beaconhouse but we manage to make some deal to transfer you to another branch of BB.  In our case, it will be BB main branch in PH. So by February, you were transferred to BBPH branch.  Alhamdullilah, you fit well this time and things went smooth.  

Even though your favourite school remains with Beaconhouse, you start to accept the new school very well and made some friends. It wasn't a day progress but months of drama :).  Deep down I still feel guilty about this but it's time you learn basic Islamic practice.

School's activities

Arl 17th - BB Pre School Sport Day at Putrajaya Wetland

The performances - Nov 20th, BB Putra Height Year End Concert 

 Graduation Ceremony.  We were the proud parents.  
The feel was like our son receiving his doctorate.  Hehe

 The achiever.  No tears were wasted :)

With CEO of BB who we admired

Aunty Najwa, your beautiful class teacher who has our respect.  

When the kindergarden years ends , we made a u-turn in deciding your next school.  It was decided earlier to send you to Sekolah Kebangsaan nearby our home but then I manage to persuade ayah to send you to BB International Montessori (BBIM) for your future primary level.  After so many talks, finally ayah gave in and out of sudden, Nenek offered to pay your very first school fee which cost us RM5K ++.  Alhamdullilah.  Everything ended beautifully and your next journey starts smoothly.   My Du'a answered.. Allah is the one who put us in it and He is the one who put us through it.

Till next post for the next topic .. travel


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