Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Special conversation on 27 january 2015

Dear son,

I know I still owe this blog lots of updates.  I promise, soon I will write some.

But I just don't want to miss this.  About our conversation that happen last night.

As usual, I was the one who put you to bed (ordered by you :)).  We had small conversation and as usual, I will end the conversation by telling you that I love you.  You replied by saying the same thing but this time with additional remark - You asked me not to say I love you in front of your friends.  When I ask the reason, you simply told me that you will feel embarrass if you friend heard that.

I smiled in the dark.  My four year son is grown up.  Soon you will prevent me to hug you anymore. Hmmm..

I love you son, I will always do :)

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