Sunday, August 16, 2015

A long hiatus - A 2014 wrap up

2014 was an interesting year to remember.  We had done so many things together and we started to see you from a different angle.  There are times you insist to make decisions and even though not all decision are welcomed but we have to accept that you're now another decision maker in this household.

  • You almost hates rice (especially the white one) and always argue with ayah on this matter
  • You love pasta and cheese so much.  You and Mommy share same interest on this
  • You always run to hide when you saw something scary on tv (even from cartoon).. penakut :)
  • You love school and your friends so much
  • By year end, finally you agree to let go daytime diapers.  Big achievement.  We were bit worried about this as your school already gave instruction that year 5 student no longer allowed to war diapers to school
  • Still on bottle fed on formula.  Resist when ever I suggest that you start to drink from cup.
  • Start to avoid from asking for formula in public.  I guess deep inside you feel embarrassed.  It make me worried as I hope that you will drink formula at least for few more years (with cup)
  • We start to argue a lot on which T shirt and pants to wear and not to wear.  You hates collar T shirt and you only wear shirt if ayah wore it at the same time
  • The worst decision made by you this year was when you wrote your name on the mosque wall when I was doing my prayer during Ramadhan this year. 
  • You always wanted to help me in the kitchen and it made me proud but at the same time, you will get the whole kitchen wet by washing only 1 plate
  • You also good at preparing Pizza.  And, you boost a lot about that :)
  • You start to develop a bad habit of not tidying your toys.I hope this habit wont last long
  • We still struggle to get you to shower
  • We still struggle to get you to understand that you couldn't disturb us when we do our prayer
  • The behavior discussion always end with only temporary improvement and it only last for few minutes. 
    When were weren't traveling

at home
at wawasan park
     Spend quality times with your furry siblings


    Help mommy to promote my charity fund for strays.  
    Muezza Fund was named after our beloved Muezza

     Celebrate Aidul Fitri with family and extended family

    Visiting the nearby kids playland

    And finally on 21st December 2014, we celebrate your 4th birthday.  Was a quiet birthday celebration where only 4 of us (including aunty) were there.  Again, I hope it's ok for you the way we choose to celebrate your birthday.  So what did you get for your birthday?  A lego set which I hope you will keep it and make them as collection.  By the time I wrote this post that Lego pieces almost gone :)

    Our 2014 story comes to end.  We are ready for another journey.  We had some much fun this year and after all, seeing you from different angle is not too bad.  In all the frustration, there were lots of laughter too.  Our only intention is to make you a better human being and a soleh son, not to punish you.  Love you Dik.  Deep inside us, you are always the greatest gift from Allah.  

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