Saturday, January 22, 2011


This blog is a story about him.

He was born on 21.12.2010 at 0624 hours and he is ours. Even though both his father & i chose the other date to induce him out but he chose his own date to be born. From beginning, he controls his life and he is what he choose to be :-). No words were exchanged between the father and me just a thank you kiss from the father seconds after he is out.

What should we refer him? I like to refer him as biggest gift from Allah to me.  Also i like to refer him as my sweet joy.

I can touch him the way i want to touch him, kiss him until his cheeks is wet as he is ours. This is the joy of having him as our own.

He is our beautiful boy, Muhammad Dameer Aydin.  His birth is our joy. Finally we're so proud to be called mummy & ayah

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